At Saint Willibrord’s RC Primary we value art and design. We believe that creativity can inspire children, giving them both a sense of enjoyment and purpose.


We also believe that the teaching of art can help and support children in many other areas of their education. All children at Saint Willibrord’s RC Primary have the opportunity to use a variety of media: including drawing, painting, clay, collage, textiles and printing. We often take inspiration from the work of famous artists.


Year 1 looked at various portrait artists including, Van Gogh and Picasso and then produced their own portraits using a range of media.


Sketchbooks form an important part of art lessons. They are a place to experiment with different media and techniques and allow children to develop their skills. Year 3 sketchbook.


We also feel visiting art galleries is an important way of appreciating and learning about artists’ work, both past and presents. We have also invited local artists and galleries to work with the children both in and out of school. Recently, we have had a successful collaboration with the MAGPIE project. The aim was to develop some innovative and creative ways of working together, in museums, galleries and classrooms, to raise attainment in writing as well as enriching learning experiences and enhancing creativity and enjoyment.



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