Literacy is a very important subject for St. Willibrord’s and throughout the school we work hard to achieve the very best with all of our children. We have fully taken on board the revised Literacy Framework and this is in place for every class.


The standards in Literacy are regularly monitored and we consider how new technology and innovations can be put into place.


Speaking and Listening

A key element of every lesson is the opportunity to speak and the opportunity to be listened to. We work in whole class, small group and partner sessions. Throughout the school we use talking partners as a solution for including as many children as possible throughout a lesson. We recognise that there are many different roles that can be undertaken in a speaking group such as the chairperson, speaker, timer and many other roles that the children themselves can come up with. We encourage all children to take part as often as possible and we have many shyer children beginning to have more confidence in front of the rest of the class through this method.



Across the whole school we have adopted Big Writing. This is an approach to writing devised by Ros Wilson. We have see n a great improvement in the standards of everyone’s work and we are delighted with the progress that all classes are making with this.


We have large and colourful displays throughout the whole of the school that emphasise all of this work and the children are keen to talk about how they have used this in their own work. This has also helped to develop the speaking and listening skills through the regular pieces of talking homework that all classes produce.



The school has recently invested in a brand new reading scheme and have undertaken the book banding project across the whole school. This means that we are having all of our books levelled so that it is the correct challenge and enjoyment level for all of the children. The children have been very keen on the new scheme and are enjoying the opportunity to choose from a wide range of texts.


Each class also has their own library with books that are chosen to match up with their class topics for the year. Children are encouraged to use these as reference texts and also have the opportunity to take home books to read together with their family.

All our children are encouraged to read their personal books as often as possible and we ask for as much help as possible from families. Being able to read to an adult is a great joy for the children and it is clearly proven to be one of the quickest ways for children to make progression. It is also important for children to be read to so that they can hear the different tones, intonation, reading styles…. And of course to hear someone else enjoying a book!



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