We don’t want you to just take our word for how wonderful our school is! Take a look at some of the comments below from our parents and pupils!


"It's a friendly environment; my children are happy and have no complaints about the school staff"


"The services of the staff are wonderful, very polite to parents"


"Everything - couldn't of asked for a better school for my children. All the staff are lovely and helpful"


"The contribution and care of staff, secondly, children are looked after very well."


"Parents informed of pupils progress, children are taught religious values, and books are sent home so parents can read with the children"


"It is a great school which accommodate all children"


"Brilliant school - best in Manchester"


"Everyone cares""The teaching system, the discipline, environment and most importantly children knowing and growing in the faith"


"I like that the teachers work hard every day and my children are safe and If I need help or advice there is always someone to talk to"


"School staff are very friendly and welcoming, school is a good and safe environment"




"The school is very caring towards the children"


"I went to this school and I like the relationship my daughter has with the teachers. All teachers have been fantastic with my daughter; I like the way St Willibrord's does a lot with the church"


"I like the way staff take care of parents and children"


"I like how friendly and helpful the staff are, my son enjoys coming to school, he is coming on leaps and bounds since attending school"


"I like this school because it teachers our children about the Catholic educations and life!"


"What I like about St Willibrord's is the caring of the staff and the support they offer"


"Excellent Staff"


"It's a great community school; the teachers are all excellent and will always listen"


"Everybody is approachable"


"I love this school, the support my child has had of the teachers has been outstanding. My son has learnt so much and improved in his behaviour so much - I am very proud of the school"


"Children are very happy and safe. They learn a lot and the teachers are always very supporting"



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St Willibrord’s RC Primary School, Vale Street, Clayton, Manchester.  M11 4WR


Tel: 0161 223 9345

Fax: 0161 220 9110





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